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Home Submissions Privacy Policy Sitemap. You are here: Home. Photomancy: A Journey Through the Spiral. In its latest Test Realm, Wizard has introduced a new feature: Photomancy! There's a ton of potential with this new tool. It can be used for quest completion goals, it might be fun for screenshot contests, and best of all, it's great at capturing the beautiful game worlds that your wizard inhabits.

spiral showcase event! -...

Photomancy is accessed via your backpack. You cycle through your items, housing items, etc. Here, you can add decals, manage your storage, and use the camera to take screenshots.

You can also just press "Z" to bring up the camera to take a photo, then use the controls and your mouse to compose your shot. Pressing "Z" again will take the photo and exit the feature, as will clicking on "Take Picture. She'll also explain in greater detail how to use it, but it's pretty easy to get the hang of. Today, I wanted to share some of my exploration of the Spiral using Photomancy. You can see a variety of screenshots and styles of screenshots here that will hopefully get you excited and inspired to use Photomancy to your advantage as you explore.

ELSTAR Showcase

Feel free to share your own screenshots in the comments. Often there are beautiful ceiling designs that we never take the time to look at. With Photomancy, we might come to appreciate those stunning views above us. Here you can see examples used to capture domes, ceilings, openings, and more that you might not have even noticed before, much less looked at and appreciated.

Photomancy: A Journey Through the Spiral

Exposure - The one link between Cenote and the apocalyptic skies upon Azteca 4. Radiance - The ceiling in the towers in Radiance Reborn 5. Ever wanted a clean shot of the stars in Marleybone? How about a beautiful space screenshot from Mirage's Eerem Palace? Photomancy allows you to look up at the sky and often get other obstructions out of view to take a look at what's above you. This time, there's no ceiling. As above Just as you can look up at the sky and ceiling designs, there's also a lot to see beneath your feet.

Oftentimes, these are harder views to achieve because you're walking on the design. It can be tough to fully appreciate it without seeing the tile work and patterns from above. Unicorn Way in the new and updated Wizard City is a great example.

Planetary Stepping Stones - An above view of the end of the Arcanum hallway 2. Don't look down! Even in Wizard's earlier worlds, they includes a lot of bridges.While on the dance floor, complete a series of button inputs including, ZXand C. Complete these inputs within the given amount of time and press SPACE once the timer is within the glowing section. Successfully completing this will fill your completion meter based on the difficulty of the dance.

A missed input will allow you to retry, but pressing SPACE at the wrong time or allowing the timer to run out will boot you back to the stage. While on the stage, players must defeat one of three Idol Phoruswhich will allow them to reenter the dance floor by standing on the teleporter at the center of the map. Based on which Idol Phoru was last defeated, that will determine the difficulty of the dance.

Bodyguard Phorus will also be present to impede your progress; if the number of Bodyguard Phorus is or exceeds 12, you will be unable to enter the dance floor. Redirected from ElStar Showcase. Language: English.

spiral showcase event! -...

This is your spotlight! Make the crowds go wild with a great performance. Description The very first Elstar performance! Let's give everyone the best show of their lives!

Have 1 Concert Wristband in your inventory. The Dungeon will not end until you either fill up the completion meter or you exit it manually. Dance: For a period of time after they have spawned, they will dance and be completely invincible. Throw: The idols can throw a snowball in an arc, which will decrease your speeds for a short while.

Retreat: These cowards are capable of running away while phasing through anything. Bodyguard Phoru - These sunglasses-wearing bodyguards wanna keep you off stage, keep their numbers low.

Push: These bodyguards can push you while in super armor. Idol Phoru : Move! I, the Greatest Idol Phoru, will take this stage! Fabulous Stage! Flashing Lights! Cheering Crowd! Elsword : Idol Phoru took our spotlight! Every time you defeat them, you can take back the spotlight that they stole! Once you've received all the spotlight, go to the center of the stage to show everyone our amazing performance! Elsword : I will not give up this spotlight!

We've practiced every day for this performance!Kingsisle gave us the Fall Scroll of Fortune as a final feature in the Summer test realm. The overall perception in the community was really good, except one thing: the price. Myth Deckathalon Rune Pack — The first reward you can obtain through the bought fall Scroll of Fortune is this rune pack.

Highlight of the pack is definitely a Superior rune — a rare reagent which is required to craft the Ultimate Hands of Fate. Currently there is no other known way of obtaining it and you need this one to unlock Tier 1 of Ninja pig beast. Housing items are nice additions, but this one can be bought for 5, gold in the crown shop. This one receives one big thumbs up. I would characterize it as a passive effect, which might help with farming.


Take a look here for more things you can do with this elixir. Jewel blossoms, ultra seeds, and energy opals are probably the best rewards you can receive here. Balance Moonstone — Balance moonstones are needed to craft elemental and spirit moon seeds. These seeds most likely drop school Threads — another reagent you need in order to craft the new awesome robes from the Beastmoon Hunt. Regular statuettes are a final reward in Beastmoon Hunt events and you need to obtain points to receive it.

There is one tiny problem though. We receive only 2 beastmoon planters. Many players hunt it to craft various spells and obtaining only one can be a pretty big chore. You can easily make more out of it rather than just doubling your seeds once, if you carefully plan things. Right now we can only speculate what it means. Personally, I hope that this is a jewel which scales in value to your level. This means that it would change as you level up.Filipinos are big fans of technology—the internet, smart phones, social media, mobile apps, and so on.

These figures can only mean one thing—that is, consumers and customers are constantly looking for informative and engaging content using the technologies that are available to them. Find out how you can best use Shopify to help you sell your products within its platform through various marketing strategies, including influencer marketing, trust-based marketing, and so on.

The resource persons will walk you through different case studies that tackle the multifaceted aspects of social marketing, including how to create paid campaigns, how to use social listening tools, and how to monitor your social media analytics, among several other related topics.

This event is a great avenue for discovering the latest trends, such as voice search and artificial intelligence, which are becoming part and parcel of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Carballo, Victor O. Solidum, Arnie Kevin Chipe. As the title of the event suggests, this is a gathering of digital marketers and social media creatives who will introduce you to current developments as you try to market your business.

The talks will cover hot and essential topics like content creation, voice search, and AI and VR technologies, among others—highlighted by sharing of various social media approaches to drive innovation in your marketing strategy. The event organizer, Fiera de Manila, Inc. Registration fees are inclusive of meals and conference kit. From marketing strategies to digital platforms and customer expectations, this 2-day event will cover a wide range of topics and bring together some of the best marketers in the land to serve as your mentors.

This is one of the biggest and brightest events that will grace the Philippine marketing industry this year. The whole-day conference will include five sessions, namely:. Another hot topic in the digital marketing landscape is customer experience, as companies are realizing the importance of meeting, even exceeding, customer expectations to propel the business to success.

Speakers: Eduardo I. Mapa, Jr. Famularcano, Richard Lance Parayno. Brand equity refers to the set of assets—tangible and intangible alike—that distinguishes the value that your brand offers from that of your competitors. Because of its significance, brand equity management is one of the most-talked about topics in marketing events these days. This seminar can help you identify the best strategies in building your brand, so that you can dominate your market or industry.

Not to be misconstrued as an event exclusively for graphic designers, this event also includes seminar discussions for marketers. Learn about video content production, social media marketing, and good website design, all of which are key elements that you may need to incorporate in your marketing campaigns.Many Scrolls throughout the Spiral were completed, and paintings hung.

So, as we transition into Spring, lets look at the awesome rewards we can earn for ourselves this season! Thankfully, this Scroll of Fortune has decided to continue one of my favorite parts of the Winter Scroll, the cosmetics! A new hat and wand are available, as well as an awesome new teleport effect and a unique new emote. So, lets take a look! This season there is an unbelievably charming new emote. Instead of summoning a snowball to pelt your enemies, you create a beautiful flower using your hands and a little bit of magic!

The teleport effect is also very seasonal. A ray of sunshine leads to tall blades of grass that surround you, before exploding in a burst of leaves and flower petals. The Sprig of Spring is a cute and lively wand. A variety of flowers grow from a vine covered stem, and could be used on a variety of stitches.

It seems so appropriate for gardening! These will provide an edge in your Beastmoon Hunts and School Deckathalons. A humongous total of Lunari is available in the Scroll! Packs filled with runes, various moonstone based rewards, over a dozen Beastmoon Idols, as well as copious amount of Lunari will all aid you on your way through the upcoming events.

Once again, the Scroll spoils us with a litany of rare reagents. These will undoubtedly make your life easier, as Shining Scales can be hard to fish for and Participation Trophies do force you into PvP!

The clay variants in particular may come in very handy for anyone who still needs to farm Sinbad. However what may be the most helpful is the grand total of 35 Daybreaker or Nightbringer Spellements! This Scroll comes with various helpful elixirs, including Double Pet and Gardening rewards! A fun and unique reward features, the Random Elixir reward makes a return this season.

We wish you the best of luck! These rewards are super useful and will be graciously accepted by all of us that unlock them. This season we are given a lot of gold. Like, a lot. A maximum reward of 20, is a fantastic mid tier prize. A massive total of 45, is really appreciated by anyone. An adorable Warthog with a comedic, over-sized head will give you the speed you need this season!

The Spring Globe is an awesome housing decoration, that can allows you to bring the spring theme of the Scroll to any of your houses. The Spring fish tank is also a nice novelty reward that is becoming a seasonal collectible. Hopefully, you get exactly what you want! There is also a Fairy Friend Pet Jewel, which gives your ancient pet may-cast fairy!

And of course, never forget the best item on the entire Scroll! An awesome collectible that I will strive towards achieving! This of course, is the Spring Scroll of Fortune painting! So, go out there over the next few months and enjoy Spring!Home Play Wizard Play Pirate Wizard Spring Update Teasers.

It's similar to Spiral Showcase, but pet-themed. Unlike "May Cast", there seems to be more control over the activation of "Will Cast" talents during battle, although not all of them will be battle-oriented. The cool thing is that your pets can down deal damage as well. To find out more about this new content, head over to Swordroll's Blog. Pet Mastery With this new systemwhen you play a pet game and win 25 times Tier 1you won't have to play it again if you don't want to. You can simply press a button to skip the game and win instantlymaking it faster than ever before to train your pet.

There are many tiers to unlock, and every game has its own benefits.

Wizard101 Spring 2020 Update Teasers

Some games are already being tracked, so you might login to find out you already have mastery over certain games. Gear Set Bonuses The Spring update will introduce stat bonuses to some gear sets we have in the game, and more coming in the future.

When you equip more than one piece from the same setyou will get bonus stats! To find out more about this, read Final Bastion's post.

Wizard pic. Last but certainly not least, with everything that's happening in the world, I hope you and your family are all staying at home, safe and healthy. Tags : Wizard You Might Also Like Wizard No comments:. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Popular Posts. The weather in the Spiral is warming up and Spring has brought some new, exciting content that's just around the corner! Wizard Undersea Enchantment Bundle. You can get this all-new Wizard Spring Test Realm.The annual showcase event at Turfway Park, the Spiral Stakes, has had its Kentucky Derby eligibility points downgraded by Churchill Downs, a change that moved officials at the northern Kentucky track on Tuesday to announce a major purse cut for its marquee event along with a shakeup in the stakes schedule for Since Churchill instituted its points system inthe Spiral had been worth 50 points to the winner and 85 overall.

The Spiral, one of the few Derby preps still run on a synthetic surface, has produced no serious Derby contenders since Animal Kingdom won both the Spiral and the Derby in Two stakes will be run at the holiday meet, which runs Nov. Skip to navigation. Spiral gets purse cut after points reduction. Sir Winston's Belmont surprise is fitting end to a wild Triple Crown season. California's board hires former steward as director. Santa Anita sees 11th horse die since late Dec.

Trainer Martinez faces year ban in New Mexico. Castellano completes quarantine, returns to N. Sources: Trump says NFL should start on time. Preakness seeks new date; infield closed for race. Filly dies after timed workout at Santa Anita. Santa Anita joins list of postponed Derby preps.

Deadline extended for Triple Crown nominations.

spiral showcase event! -...

Tiz the Law wins Fla. Derby before empty stands. Santa Anita halts live racing at county's direction. Activists assail CA board for keeping tracks open. HOF jockey Castellano tests positive for virus. Turfway Park suspends final 3 race dates. Florida Derby has full horse field, no crowd. Churchill Downs delays reopening stables. Wells Bayou wins Louisiana Derby at empty track. California harness track denied schedule change.

Amid deadly pandemic, racing is the only game in town.

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